ICDS Bihar

Pre-school Education


To further strengthen Pre-School a new scheme providing financial support @ Rs. 250 per child per year towards dress at children enrolled at all Anganwadi Centers has been introduced in last financial year. This scheme is being continued in the current financial year also. An amount of Rs. 9167.70 lakh has been allocated during the current financial year towards this scheme.

This is expected to increase the attendance of pre-school children. Pre- school education kits are being provided at each Anganwadicentre.

Curriculum of PSE includes two introductory & innovative books UDAAN- 1 & 2. The first one tries the children to teach through beautiful small poem, short stories &melodius songs.

The second one includes general play materials & activities necessary for physical, intellectual, emotional & language development of children.

These have been provided to all AWCs.

ICDS Bihar